Playing With Presentation Options

Photo Credit: Matthew Fang

Students are not born with an innate ability to select a format for publishing their learning. They need to see alternatives. They need time to play with those options to find what best fits different themes, genres, and intentions. This is part of the process of learning.

My friend Richard Byrne wrote a great blog post on five different video projects you can do with your classes. Take a look and see what will fit for your classroom. You always have help if you need it to implement any of these ideas.

Driving Questions From the Real World

I got an email from the Bard recently that supports a very strong point we’ve heard in our PBL training with BIE. We should be pulling our lessons and driving questions from real world events. Suzanne shared an email she receives as part of the NY Times Learning Network. Take some time and check the site out. You will find lesson ideas for all subject areas. It is well worth it, and the best part is that it can come to your email with top headlines selected with a focus on classroom, real world learning. Just look for the box in the right sidebar that says “The Learning Network Email Newsletter” and sign up there.

And for good measure, check out Will Richardson’s article on MindShift, “Should we connect school life to real life?

Thanks for the email, Suzanne.